Terms et conditions

Terms and conditions

Resumption of commercial flights as from 12 January 2022

Updated Protocol for Rodrigues

Upon resumption of commercial flights to Rodrigues, the protocol for travelling to Rodrigues will be as follows: –

Departure from Mauritius
1. Only fully vaccinated (also includes Booster Dose) passengers except for minors will be allowed to travel to Rodrigues;

2. All passengers will have to undergo a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) five to seven days prior to boarding the flight. The test could be effected in a flu clinic or a private clinic. The RAT result will have to be presented at the airport prior to boarding.

3. All passengers will have to undergo a PCR test within 24 hours before boarding the flight to Rodrigues either at a private clinic or at the Airport (if performing PCR test at the airport, the passenger should reach the airport at least six hours prior to departure).
Note: The PCR test at the airport will be charged at a price subsidised by the Ministry of Finance for Mauritian citizens.
However, Rodriguan students, patients and those going on official visits to Rodrigues will be exempted from payment of PCR test at the airport.

4. Only passengers with negative PCR results will be allowed to embark.

5. All incoming passengers will be subjected to seven days’ mandatory in-room quarantine upon arrival in Rodrigues in designated hotels at their cost except for exempted passengers as per paragraph 12.

6. All passengers must present a Reservation Voucher in a quarantine establishment in Rodrigues at airport check-in in Mauritius.

7. Reservation should be made on www.myrodrigues.travel as from 07 January 2022 at noon. This dedicated online booking platform has been set up for reservation and management of paid quarantine establishment in Rodrigues under the Rodrigues Tourism Office.

8. The passengers select his/her preferred establishment based as per availability of rooms on a First Come First Served Basis.

9. The list of available quarantine establishments and respective rates is available on www.myrodrigues.travel.

10. Upon arrival, passengers will be transferred to designated establishments by fully trained registered transport operators.

11. All passengers will be quarantined in-room for a period of 7 days:
– A PCR test will be performed on Day 7;
– All negative cases will be released;
– Positive cases for COVID-19 will be transferred to the Treatment Centre at Mont Lubin for a minimum period of 10 days;
– Contact cases will remain quarantined for a further period of 7 days, PCR test will be repeated on Day 14;
– Indeterminate cases will remain quarantined as required; and
– The cost of PCR tests during quarantine is already included in the quarantine package.

12. The following categories of passengers will be exempted from payment of quarantine facilities:
(i) Patients and relatives referred to Mauritius for further medical treatment by the Commission for Health;
(ii) Post-secondary students having completed or henceforth following online courses (subject to confirmation from Commission for Vocational Training); and
(iii) Any other cases as may be recommended by a Committee set up by the Executive Council.
As from 12 January 2022, clearance for exemption of quarantine payment should be obtained prior to departure from Rodrigues.

13. Proposed Flight Schedule:
Two weekly flights as from 12 January 2022 up to a date to be further determined.

14. With regards to incoming passengers from Rodrigues to Mauritius, the latter should be fully vaccinated (except for medical emergency cases).